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Dealing with Aggressive/ Fearful Behaviours


Does your dog bark frantically each time someone walks past your home or comes to your door? Does it show fear or aggression to your visitors, other dogs, joggers, loud noises or any other perceived threats?

Would you benefit by having one to one guidance knowing how to break down issues into small manageable chunks?

If so this course is for you!

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This course begins by explaining the method to a happy well behaved; A deep understanding of Your dog’s needs, Your dog’s language, Your dog’s state and perfecting Your leadership approach

This ensures you gain deep knowledge to why problem behaviour occurs and what you can do to resolve it.

Then the course specifically details how to address any aggressive or fearful behaviours you may be experiencing, in a kind, non-confrontational way. This will enable your dog to look to you for guidance, see you are okay with the threat and relax in all situations.

The course lasts a total of 4 hours

1 hr 45 mins on the method and 2 hrs 15 minutes on specific advice for aggressive and fearful dogs.

The course includes:

Video demonstrations and case studies,

Animation videos

Questions to ensure you are learning each step of the way

And a Skype consultation (video call), so we can chat about your unique situation in detail.

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