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Advanced Course


This course is for all dog enthusiasts. Particularly those who are considering working with dogs as a career and who have already completed the Foundation Course. On this course we go into far greater detail on understanding the dog’s needs, behaviour, state of mind, language, and improving your leadership skills.

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We do this by examining a range of topics, including:

Canine language
What your dog’s language and body language means – identifying distress signals

Your Dog’s State
Identifying your dog’s concerns
Teaching your dog in stages
Calming signals
Control vs. self control

Your Leadership Skills
Achieving a calm mind-set
How to speed up the process
How to interact with your clients

Setting up your Dog Business 
Ways to advertise your business
How to get to the top of search engines
How to set goals to achieve your dreams

Your dog’s diet
What nutrients your dog needs
Raw, home cooked and commercial diets
How to prepare a healthy balanced diet

Your Dog’s Behaviours
How to address all behavioural problems
How to address your dog’s behavioural problems
Tackling difficult cases

Your Dog’s Health
How to identify the symptoms of ill health
Preventative measures for health
How the canine body functions
Dog specific first aid training

On-Going Support
Access to The Dog Guardian database 6 months free support by email

These topics will be covered with practical lessons, role-play, videos, Q and A sessions and much more. On completion you will be in a position to help other dog owners understand their dog.
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