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We contacted Nigel after weeks of dog classes at the local dog club that did not help us change any of our 2 year old rescue dog Bruno’s behaviour issues. Instead of teaching us more techniques to control Bruno, Nigel showed us how to understand Bruno’s needs and read Bruno’s behaviours for what they really are. We are now armed with lots of techniques to help show Bruno that we are in charge and he can relax and be happy being a dog rather than feeling like he needs to lead and protect us all the time. No more halti leads or battles of muscles for us!
Nigel has helped me train both my 12 year old Golden Retriever who had severe anxiety around other dogs, and our second retriever puppy when he was too mischievous for words!
Nigel is kind and passionate about his work.  I was able to implement his suggestions with great success, and we now have a well behaved and well socialised dog.

“My overriding impression of Nigel was his gentleness, patience and strong, but quiet presence with Abi my German Shepherd. The little rascal didn’t want to willingly concede her lofty position as ‘leader’, but as the week progressed, Abi became calmer, less demanding and finally was demonstrating good manners both in and out of the house”.

“Nigel’s challenge is to help my rescue Labrador overcome his fear of unfamiliar dogs.  He has educated me on communication techniques (with refresher sessions) and has worked with my dog whilst I was away.  The significant improvement in my dog’s behaviour evidences Nigel’s excellent skills.”

Our dog Bugsy’s main issues was barking at the front door, passers by and attacking the letters (mostly my expensive magazine subscriptions) that dared to enter our home.
Nigel helped me develop boundaries and communicate my role around this space demonstrating to Bugsy that I had control of the situation.
We then got another dog Gatsby. Based on all of his teachings Nigel helped us to establish feeding, training and settling in techniques that allowed Gatsby to settle into our lives and home established within our pack and understanding his position. This has created a happy pack, happy humans and wonderful life for us all!
Thank you Nigel.

Nigel taught us how to help our Miniature Schnauzer Dilly who was very fearful in the park and in our local pub. After some time implementing his methods we saw the real progress she was making. Nigel’s technique is unique and was the only method that had any results for us. Now we can go anywhere with Dilly and she is totally relaxed.


Meet the team

Nigel Reed


Nigel has spent the last 15 years helping dogs with all types of behavioural problems, and is committed to producing simple high quality content. He knows that inspiring the guardian holds the key to helping many dogs. He is also easily distracted, and spends too much time cuddling Rex when he should be working.

    Stephanie Rutherford

    Project manager and administrator

    Stephanie has project-managed The Dog Guardian website, book and courses.  She is an invaluable source of knowledge and organisational skills for the team. She also feeds Rex.



    Rex demonstrates how to have a relaxed and stress free attitude to life to Nigel and Stephanie. His role is to alert Nigel and Stephanie to visitors and chew on bones.

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