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Nigel Reed, The Dog Guardian is hosting a series of seminars revealing his easy-to-follow method for a happy and well-behaved dog.  The information will enable you to understand and communicate with your dog on a deeper level. In turn you will be empowered to address any behavioural problems, you may be experiencing with your dog, to become a kind and non confrontational leader your dog respects and feels safe with

The seminar covers a range of issues including:


  • The origin of the domestic dog
  • How an understanding of wolf behaviour can help us with our dogs
  • Your dog’s needs
  • Your dog’s language
  • How to ensure your dog is calm and responsive
  • Why your dog behaves as it does
  • How to effectively communicate to your dog
  • How to address pulling on the lead, barking at the door, aggression, poor recall, jumping up and anything you need help with (questions at the end).
  • How to teach your dog to control it’s own behaviour
  • The traits of a good leader
  • and much more



Details of the next talks

Linden House – Hammersmith – West London

  • 25th November  1pm- 5pm
  • £35.00 per person
  • Teas, coffees and biscuits included


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