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Online Canine behaviour seminar


Nigel Reed, The Dog Guardian has produced a video on his canine behaviour seminar revealing his easy to follow method for a happy and well-behaved dog.  The information he shares will enable you to understand and communicate with your dog on a deeper level. In turn you will be empowered to address any behavioural problems and become a kind and non-confrontational leader that your dog respects and feels safe with.

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The canine behaviour seminar consists of a two hour talk explaining The Dog Guardian’s principles for a happy and well behaved dog:

Your dog’s needs – what they are and how to fulfil them,

Your dog’s language – how to communicate to your dog in a language it understands,

Your dog’s state – why your dog’s state rises and what to do about it,

Your leadership – how to be a calm, convincing, consistent leader your dog trusts.

The talk includes videos demonstrating the method in action with:

  • Fussy eaters with extra tips on how to deal with issues around food
  • Dogs that bark at the door/ lunge at other dogs with extra tips on how to communicate your leadership around perceived dangers in the home
  • Dogs that invade space with extra tips on how to communicate your status
  • Dog’s that pull on the lead with extra tips on how to teach your dog to walk to heel

Please note:

  • Answers to your personal questions on your dog’s behaviour cannot be answered with purchase of the seminar. If you purchase the courses I will happily answer any question you may have.
  • Some of the videos that come with the book are repeated on this seminar.

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