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  • Canine Behaviour Seminar

    by Nigel Reed 1 Lessons

    The Dog Guardian Behaviour Seminar

    Nigel Reed, The Dog Guardian has produced a video on his canine behaviour seminar revealing his easy to follow method for a happy and well-behaved dog.

    The information he shares will enable you to understand and communicate with your dog on a deeper level.

    In turn you will be empowered to address any behavioural problems and become a kind and non-confrontational leader that your dog respects and feels safe with.

  • The Dog Guardian Course

    by Nigel Reed 38 Lessons

    Nigel Reed The Dog Guardian

    The Dog Guardian course consists of three hours of video tutorials and lessons on how you can communicate your leadership position to your dog in all areas to ensure they eat all their food, are socially acceptable with other dogs, well mannered with people, responsive on and off the lead, and happy and relaxed when you leave the home or upon your return.

  • Dealing with Aggressive/ Fearful Behaviours

    by Nigel Reed 0 Lessons

    Nigel reed The Dog Guardian

    Does your dog suffer from any of these undesirable behaviours: fussy with their food, beg for your food, demonstrate separation anxiety, pull on the lead, get over excited when you feed them, do not come back when you call them, bark at the door, become overexcited when they see other dogs, aggressive to visitors, demonstrate nervous behaviours, show aggression to other dogs or anything else?

  • Problems on the Walk

    by Nigel Reed 0 Lessons


    This specialised course includes an hour of video tutorials and lessons detailing how to achieve the perfect walk with your dog. From the moment you pick up the lead, to going for a walk with your dog calmly by your side. And how to get your dog to return when you call him/her – no matter what other distractions are around.

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